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Inviting you to join the #1000Solutions Challenge and submit your solution online here:submit online

What is the #1000Solutions?
• In December 2017, the Solar Impulse Foundation, initiated by Bertrand Piccard, launched the #1000Solutions Challenge.
• It aims to select, label and promote 1000 solutions for a more sustainable world.
• It’s for innovations in water, energy, industry and infrastructure, cities, mobility, consumption and production that can help to improve the quality of life on Earth.
Why be part of the #1000Solutions?
• Access a global network of Cleantech investors, institutions, all potential partners.
• Increase your communication and marketing visibility through a strong brand image.
• Contribute to a common goal, because there is only one Earth.
• To make sure China is well represented within those 1000Solutions
• It’s free!

How to join the #1000Solutions?
1.You can then submit your solution via an online form.
2.A team of experts evaluates your submission.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


诚挚地邀请您加入我们的#1000个节能方案的挑战,请在线提交您的方案:submit online

• 2017年12月,阳光动力基金会创始人,贝特朗·皮卡尔,发起了#1000个节能方案的挑战。
• 旨在挑选出1000个方案,后者将获得阳光动力的标签,并由我们推广至全球。
• 我们致力于寻找水资源、能源、工业和基础设施、城市、交通、消费和生产等领域的创新方案——它将改善我们的生活质量。

• 可加入到一个由清洁技术投资者、相关机构、和所有潜在的合作者所组成的全球性网络中。
• 通过我们的标签来增加您的可信度。
• 借助我们的品牌形象来提升您的可见度。
• 为一项共同的事业做出贡献,只因为地球仅此一个。
• 确保中国在这1000个节能方案中能得到充分地展示。
• 它完全免费!


很期待您的加入, 如有任何疑问,请与我联系。


Green Energy Industry Council (GEIC) , partnering with The World Alliance for Efficient Solution, aims to facilitate its agenda to collect and implement 1000 solutions in Asia. The common goal of the two organizations is to inspire and accelerate the implementation of efficient solutions that help solve the environmental problems all over the world.Green Energy Industry Council (GEIC) aims to facilitates knowledge sharing and technology transfer to provide clean, sustainable energy for the world’s growing population. To this end, we bring together the innovators, experts, solution seekers, and potential investors to communicate, share their expertise, and hopefully produce as many viable solutions as possible to solve crucial environmental problems like global warming and climate changes. Our goal is to provide a value-added service that brings the business opportunities and environmental protection together.

Solar Impulse

Following the success of the first solar flight around the world, the Solar Impulse Foundation has launched the second phase of its action: selecting #1000solutions that can protect the environment in a profitable way, and bring them to decision makers to encourage them to adopt more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies. Through the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, Bertrand Piccard wants to federate the actors of the field in clean technologies and shed light on existing efficient solutions to fast-track their implementation.A new innovative and pioneering adventure has begun.



We are pleased to extend a warm welcome to the wealth of high-level experts who will make presentations at this upcoming event:

Dr. Murray Cameron, Chief Operating Officer, APVIA,UK
Mr. Seo Jae hong,
General Manager, Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association (KOPIA)
Mr. Brad Bae, President, Emax Power
Mr. Kang Sang Jin,
Director, Destin power
Mr. Kobe Qin, Sales Director, GCL
System Integration Technology Co., Ltd
Mr. Mr.Bin Du
Senior Engineer of Floating Products, Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd.
Mr. Milan Koev
Vice President Sales APAC, REC Solar Pte Ltd.
Mr.Kim Yong Wook
Chief Representative, Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd.
***Speakers are listed by their speaking order.



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